Should I choose Gel or Regular Polish?

gel polish and regular nail polish

If it’s the first time you have been to a nail salon, you may see a lot of different options like regular polish, gel polish, acrylic, dip powder, etc. Each …

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How to make Bathroom smell like a Spa?

Even the cleanest bathrooms can start to smell unpleasant after a while. This is often due to the accumulation of bacteria, which release foul-smelling compounds into the air. If you’re …

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What to wear to a Spa?

massage spa

When you’re getting ready to go to a spa, the last thing you want to do is worry about what to wear. It can be difficult to know exactly what’s …

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This Is How to Keep Your Nails Healthy

keeping nails healthy

As you finished washing the dishes, you noticed that one of your nails has broken. All you want is well-manicured hands! You even joined the 50% of Americans who use a dietary …

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How to pick the perfect nail salon?

Are you looking for a new nail salon? Whether you’re just moving to a new city or you’re simply not happy with your current salon, choosing the right one is …

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How To Clean Matte Nails?

how to clean matte nails

In this blog, we’ll show you how to clean matte nails and keep them looking sharp step by step without ruining the finish? If you are a fan of matte …

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What to ask for at a nail salon?

what to ask for at a nail salon

What to ask for at a nail salon? is a frequently asked question in the beauty community. If you’re like most people, you probably get your nails done at a …

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What Nail Polish Lasts The Longest?

what nail polish lasts longest

Nail polish is an essential part of any beauty routine. But which nail polish lasts the longest? It can be frustrating when it chips just a few days after being …

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Can My Nail Beds Grow Back?

can nail beds grow back_

One of the most common questions that people have about their nails is whether or not the nail bed can grow back. Because if you happen to damage your nails, …

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Can Nail Polish Freeze?

can nail polish freeze

Nail polish is one of those things that can be a total lifesaver when you need it. But you may not have given much thought to whether or not it …

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